EQ-VO Vortex Mixer

This unit is a great ally to prepare an ample range of samples. Usually, it is required to mix liquids as a prior step for an analysis by ICP or AA. The homogenization of solid samples with binders is specially recommended to make pressed pellets and to prepare the correct mixture of the sample with borates for a subsequent fusion by heat, whether for dissolutions or to make beads.


The EQ-VO Vortex Mixer allows you to prepare liquid samples directly in the client’s own standard vessel.

You can also mix solid samples in different containers such as crucibles, beakers or vials. The EQ-VO Vortex Mixer includes an exclusive adapter that aupports plastic jars with steel balls to maximize the mixing up and the homogenization of solid samples.


It has got two working modes, continuous and in stand-by. Bringing the switch to position II, the unit works in a continuous mode. If you place it in position I, the unit remains in stand-by, ready to work just by applying a light pressure in the working area.

Technical specifications

Method: stirring, mixing, shaking.


Applications: liquid and solid samples of varied nature.


Feeding power: 200-240 V - 50/60Hz


Working modes: three position switch

                               II – unit working

                               0 – unit switched off

                               I – unit in stand-by


Speed: from 0 to 3000 rpm


Includes: adapter/holder for vessel containing solid samples

                 conical support for liquid samples

                 10 Polystyrene containers with lid - Ø35 x 61 mm

                 5 Balls steel mixture

                 Telescopic magnet rod


Dimensions: 165 mm (high) x 130 mm (long) x 137 mm (deep)


Approximate weight: 2 kg

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