CO-211 Carbonates

Analyzer in continuous

The CO-211 Carbonates Analyzer in continuous is a unit designed to analyze the contents of inorganic carbón in continuous in a solution of carbonates in water. This type of solutions in continuous are widely used in Thermal Power Plants and are used to desulphurise the smoke derived from burning coal before it is expulsed outside. The solution of carbonates has the capacity of reacting and absorbing a great part of the sulphur contained in the smoke; that is why it is so important to control, at all times, the optimum carbonate level in the solution in order to regulate the sulphur fumes going into the environment.

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Technical specifications

The unit is provided with the following subsystems:


- Sample taking

- Reactor

- Liquid/gas phase exchanger

- Sample dryer

- CO2 measuring device

- Gas circuit

- System control device

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