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Muestras procesadas
Sample preparation

In order to obtain really representative results in the different analysis we can undertake with a sample, the essential prerequisite is a prior effective preparation of the same. The usual procedure passes by reducing the size of the sample, and its homogenization, to guarantee reliable and repeatable results. 

The Equilab brand units have been devised to meet the highest quality standards in the preparation of samples. They are specially manufactured to withstand long working hours with minimal maintenance. Thanks to their different displays and programming, they are very user friendly and easy to manage. Furthermore, they are design to provide a safe and convenient working experience.  

Induction Fluxer units

- Glass discs for XRF

- Solutions for AAs and ICP

- Peroxide oxidations

- Electric all over

Pellet Press
Prensa Peletizadora EQP-100

- High quality pellets

- Easy to handle. Quick results

- 5 working programs

- Double press cycle

Ball Mixer Mill

- Analitycal grain size in seconds

- Wide range of samples

- Easy and convenient handling

- Touchscreen / 5 programs

Vibratory Disc Mill

- Analitycal grain size in seconds

- Wide range of samples

- Anti-vibration chamber

- 5 working programs

Induction Heater
Horno de Inducción EQH-3

- Quick heating

- Safe and easy handling

- 5 flexible working programs

- Safety sound/light warning signal

Metallic samples
processing system

- Process all kinds of metallic samples

- Compact unit

- Fast exchange of tools

- Customized configuration

Manual Pellet Press

- Fast manufaturing of quality pellets

- Does not need electrical power

- Compact and autonomous unit

- User friendly

Pellet Ultrapress
EQP-200 Pellet Utrapress

- High quality pellets in a short time

- Pellets of different diameters and shapes

- 5 working programs

- Double press cycle

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